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Cardboard is a material that is widely used for the production of all sorts of boxes and packaging. All products, whether these are retail, wholesale, or shipping products, require perfect boxes for them. In this way, one needs to learn completely about the customization, and cardboard material, their combination, relation, and combined benefits. 

As cardboard material is common and widely used, just because of its huge benefits. Such boxes are good for all sorts of products, and these can be used for a variety of purposes in the packaging industry. Whether you have an online business or a conventional shopping mall, cardboard is the best option for everyone. With customization, such boxes depict lots of benefits, and it increases sales and works as a promotional tool. Here are the six astonishing facts about cardboard customization and boxes.

Easy in loading and unloading:

As these are also used for transportation, they are designed in a way to easily load and unload. These boxes have flaps top and bottom flaps that become strong once they are closed. Add to this their sorting and warehousing is also easy, these are also labeled easily. So, after labeling and placing stickers on them, such boxes help in sorting easily. Moreover, when these are stocked in warehouses, their label tells about them, and one can directly pick the desired box at once. Cardboard material enriched features and importance have made life easier for the transporters and warehouse. Moreover, cardboard-made boxes are also stoked on the shelves of the malls in series. So, this material is affordable and reliable when displayed on shelves. 

Availability and cost-effectiveness:

Another important fact about the cardboard packaging is its affordability, availability, and easy die-cut into all shapes. This feature makes this material very famous in the packaging industry. These are available in all dimensions easily. That's why it remains the first choice for the packaging. No doubt, it is manufactured by paper, and this makes them cost-effective. For all retail products, this affordable choice enhances the profit of the business and maximizes the ease of doing business. These are used for retail, cosmetics, gifts, vaping, and all other types of product packaging. As compared to cardboard, glass, plastic, and rigid materials are very costly, and it is difficult to afford them for small and medium scale businesses. 

Protection and safety of the product:

For the protection of the product during transportation and storage, boxes played a very important role. Thus, cardboard boxes that are customized and personalized are very much used for the protection of the products. In addition, to display anywhere, such boxes help the products during the whole journey of transportation. Moreover, in the import and export business, such boxes help fragile and all other products to reach safely in the hands of the customers. Whenever we transport products in this era of globalization, the first and foremost important thing to consider is the safety of the product. Furthermore, bubble sheets, foams, and other inserts are also added during the transportation of the product. 

Lightweight packaging for the product:

Now, when we ship products in the ecommerce industry, transporters charge as per the weight of the product. Here, if we have lightweight packaging, then every supplier saves money. This is another important fact about the customized cardboard boxes that its lightweight save money on every single shipment. Lightweight packaging saves the cost of boxes production too. At the end of the product life cycle, lightweight boxes are easy to dump and recycle. All these features make this material valuable, famous, and desirable. For long-distance transportation, airfare affects the overall price of the box. At this place, cardboard material-made customized boxes are recommended by the packaging engineers. So, at scales, we save lots of money in all the cases. Add to this, some products are rigid, and these only require minimal packaging. In this situation, only go for the cardboard-made cartons. 

Package any product in them:

Because of its rich features, it can be used for any product packaging. From cosmetic to vape packaging, only cardboard is the first choice of the manufacturers. You can pack all the things in them, reuse boxes, and they can be recycled. These are also used for shoes, books, food, and all products packaging. The main reason behind this is its easy die-cutting. Cardboard could be cut, shaped, and folded in all styles. This is the reason that every small to large scale manufacturer prefer this material. Add to this, cardboard boxes with double walls, glued, and tapes are also used for the packaging. 

Cardboard material is highly flexible:

All the features of the cardboard make them uniquely different from others. This is the main reason that everyone looks towards them. Their easy cutting and folding make them distinguished and flexible. Its features are not limited to this; these can be a staple, taped, glued, and perforated. Its endless features and customization and stylish shapes make products more prominent and attractive. Add to this cardboard is sustainable and flexible when the manufacturer is looking for full-featured materials. For sure, no other material has such rich features and eco-friendly nature. Cardboard material is highly recyclable and eco-friendly in nature. Moreover, such cartons can withstand and have more rigidity in them. Their rigidity is because of their variety of thicknesses. One could get 18ptto 36pt thick cardboard sheets and cut them easily into shapes. If we talk about the GSM, then it ranges between 280GSM 550Gsm. 

In the end, these six facts are very important to know before selecting any sort of material for the boxes. From flexibility, dimension, cutting, lightweight, protection, availability to affordability, all these features are proof of this material's importance. Whenever you are packing any sort of product, then try the best options among cardboard, Kraft, and corrugation by taking care of these six astonishing facts about the cardboard boxes.